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The importance of a perfect stencil when tattooing realism

Realism tattoos are super popular in the tattooing world. They require mad skill and precision, and when done right, they're hella beautiful. But creating a perfect realism tattoo is no joke. It requires a lot of patience, and usually several sittings. But don't let that scare you off! Even if it takes time to get the perfect realism tattoo, the effort is totally worth it.

One of the most crucial parts is having a flawless stencil. A stencil is like a template used to transfer the design onto the skin. Trust me, having a perfect stencil is everything. Even the tiniest flaw can mess up the whole shebang. It is like having a map in front of you when you're out in the wilderness. It can literally save your life. 

Back in the day, I used to draw the stencils by hand, which could take me hours. Some artists still do this, which is insane, in my opinion. Why spend hours on something that can turn out even better, more detailed, and precise, in just seconds? I gotta admit that I am thrilled over the possibilities that follow modern technologies if used right. I am a fan of working smarter, not harder, and why should that not apply to us tattoo artists?

I have definitely improved my entire tattooing workflow, from start to finish, or should I say the workflow circle of ink. I'll tell you more about it in another post. But first, I want to share my stencil workflow. I am just so happy with my technique that I want to share it with everyone. That's why I documented how I do them; now it's available for you to see! Free!

It's legit amazing!

Get all the step-by-step info you need. Snag it for free and create those perfect stencils for your realism tattoos. Get those tools, gain that knowledge, and create stunning realism tattoos that'll blow everyone away. You got this!

How To Perfect Stencil Kit

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