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20 Things Not To Say In A Tattoo Shop!

Being a tattoo artist, and working in a tattoo shop, is fantastic. We get to work with people, draw daily, listen to cool music, and hang with our outstanding crew. We are very privileged to be able to make our living by drawing art on people’s skin. But there’s a catch. We do have our negative triggers. And I will explain it to them and why not everybody understands tattoo manners in this case.

Tattoo Etiquette Guide

Here are some things you should never say in a tattoo shop:

1. I Let My Dog Sleep In My Bed With Me

If you have animals close to your skin during the healing process of the tattoo, you are super exposed to bacteria and can easily harm the tattoo big time if you get infected. Letting your dog sleep in your bed is the worst thing you could do during those first 3-4 weeks.

2. How Much For A Sleeve?

It is like asking “how long is a road” or “how much for a car/house/watch” etc. It depends on so many things, but mostly size, color-use, the artist, the speed, the placement, and more. As soon as you have something visual to show us, sort of like a plan that shows what you want to get, we can start guessing the price a bit. The more massive tattoos you want, the more difficult it is to give you an estimate.

3. Can You Draw Something, And If I Like It, I Book An Appointment?

That is a question we get a lot. A drawing, sketch, or digital design takes a while to make. Being tattoo artist is our full-time job, our solemn profession. No artist working full-time tattooing would be willing to work extra, for free, for you to book an appointment. We book a consultation, talk about what you want, charge a prepayment for the design, and when you are happy with it, we tattoo it.

4. I Am Just 17, But My Parents Approve.

Then you will have to wait just a little bit longer. We have an 18-year limit, with no exceptions what so ever.

5. Can You Hurry Up, Please?

Would you like your tattoo artist to hurry up? It’s a permanent piece of art stuck on your body for the rest of your life. I would let the artists take their time and make it the best they can.

6. I Had A Few Beers To Man Up.

You don’t get brave before getting tattooed; you find courage BY being tattooed. If you have been drinking before a tattoo session, we will throw you out the door. Alcohol makes the blood thinner, so making the tattoo look outstanding is challenging. And drunk people are not welcome in a professional studio cause they’re usually quite annoying.

7. I Want The Text To Be Super Small, Like A Freckle.

So that no one can ever see it? Then why get it? Why pay for a luxury beauty accessory like that, and not be able to see it? It’s going to blur and blend into a thick stain eventually. Is that what you want?

8. Can I Pay You Next Week?

Do you ask the same to the hairdresser or at the grocery store? We are a business, like other businesses. So the answer is a blunt No.

9. Can I Get A Sleeve Done Today?

Hahaha, this is a funny one. I guess you have seen some Tattoo TV shows and think that we can tattoo a sleeve in a day. Firstly, we usually have waiting lists, so starting on a sleeve is not possible until the waitlist is complete. Secondly, a sleeve takes time. Several long days, how many depends on so many things. And it would help if you had time between sessions to heal. So it could easily take six months to make a sleeve.

10. I Always Scratch My Tattoos.

One of the utmost worst Tattoo etiquette failures! Then you probably won’t mind getting infected, scars, or broken parts in your tattoo that you will have to pay to retouch again and again.

11. Can I Rent You For Tattooing At A Party?

The location needed for tattooing has to be approved by the health department. Because there are so many risks in tattooing that only a pro tattoo artist in a pro studio can avoid, so, the answer is mostly a NO, but if you are very serious about an event, get the area approved by the health department and ask again. More and more shops have this as a service, health department application included in the price. As long as you are requesting a professional studio, why not? But I do not recommend combining alcohol with tattoos, just a little side note.

12. Can I Bring A Couple Of Friends To Watch?

Usually, bringing a friend is not a problem in a smaller tattoo shop. But in our big shop with three floors and right now 12 artists and five staff members, and all the artist’s clients, we fill the area quite well enough as it is. If the clients bring their friends too, we are not able to breathe in there anymore.

13. How About My Kids? Can They Come?

Every artist needs their utmost concentration. We make tattoos, and they are permanent. If we messed up because of a sudden child’s sound or movement, that would be on you. So no, sorry.

14. I Brought My Dog To The Tattoo Shop; Where Can They Sit?

Would you bring your dog to the doctor or the dentist? It’s all about hygiene. So no.

15. No Thanks, I Don’t Need Ointment, I Have Vaseline At Home.

Please listen to what we say when it comes to healing; it is a big part of healthy tattoo etiquette. If you want to use anything other than what we recommend, the healing process is out of our control. We are proud of our work and don’t want you to mess up the tattoo by thinking you know more about healing than we do.

16. What Do YOU Think I Should Get?

We are tattoo artists, not Psychic Mediums. Most of us can’t read your aura or see what your tattoo of destiny would be. And if you ask that question, you don’t want a tattoo that bad, and maybe you should wait and see what comes naturally to you eventually. You can get lots of ideas on my Tattoo Ideas board on Pinterest, which is updated once in a while!

17. Shit, That’s Expensive!

How much did your latest outfit cost? Or last night out? Those are expenses you will wear out or forget. Tattoos are there for the rest of your life. Damn, we should get a recurring monthly payment for every tattoo, like the apps you have on your phone! But the tattoo is just way cooler than any of those apps.

18. I Want That Exact Tattoo Copied.

Copying a tattoo is one of the worst tattoo etiquette mistakes, but also one of the most common. We are artists and enjoy creating art. Tattoos are our form of art. If you come in with a photo of a tattoo and you want it the same, we will try to talk you into making something similar, not a copy.

19. Sorry, Can’t Make It To The Appointment (2 Hours Before)

We have a 48-hour cancellation deadline, but sometimes we get a call just a couple of hours before, or even right at the minute. Sorry, I can’t make it. We made the design; we made everything ready for you. Some tattoo artists charge deposits. We just started billing those who don’t show up.

20. Holy Crap, It Hurts!

Yes, it does. But I would appreciate it if you could sit as still as you can, without screaming too much. Because I need to make a nice tattoo for the rest of your life. The more you shout or move, the worse the outcome. If you really can't endure the pain, I recommend getting some numbing gelnumbing spray, or numbing creme to ease the pain a bit.

So, if you say any of these to your tattoo artist, it may cause some irritation. Most artists are great at explaining the issues around tattoo etiquette, so never be afraid to ask your artist if you have any questions.



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